Fairplay Club eSports Betting

Fairplay Club offers to bet on eSports. Here you can bet on popular games such as Dota 2, FIFA, CS Go, and eFighting. With Fairplay, you can bet quickly and conveniently on eSports with high odds!

What is eSports

eSports is an individual or team competition based on computer video games

eSports is an individual or team competition based on computer video games. It is a real breakthrough of the 21st century. Its audience now numbers millions of people worldwide, including those from India. In our following sections, you’ll find out what you need to know about it before you place a bet.

Upcoming events and dates 

You can bet on eSports matches with favorable odds directly on Fairplay Club

Many matches are played daily on eSports, either for nothing or as part of various tournaments. You can bet on most of them with favorable odds directly on Fairplay Club. It is enough to have a plus balance and select the appropriate events. 

Here’s a schedule of some of the most notable events in 2022: 

Time of the eventTournament name
July 22-31RLCS 2021-22 World Championship (Rocket League)
August 31-October 2ESL Pro League Season 16 (CS:GO)
September 2-4ESL Challenger CS:GO at DreamHack Melbourne 2022
September 10-252022 Asian Games (Dota 2. LoL, FIFA, PUBG Moblie and others)
SeptemberVALORANT Champions 2022
October 14-16ESL Challenger CS:GO at DreamHack Rotterdam 2022 
October-NovemberDota 2 The International 2022
October-NovemberLeague of Legends World Championship (Worlds 2022)
DecemberPUBG Global Championship 2022

How do I bet on eSports?

Each of the necessary steps for betting on Fairplay Club

Betting on eSports may seem complicated, especially if you are a beginner, but it is not. Below we will talk about each of the necessary steps in more detail:


Create an account using your email address.

To complete your registration, you need to confirm your account using the link in the email to your email.


Make a deposit.

Don’t forget that as soon as you make your first deposit at Fairplay Club, you can get a welcome bonus of up to 50,000 INR.


Go to the page of the desired match or tournament.

To select the event you want to bet on, go to Premium Sportsbook and find the game type in the list.


Place a bet and wait for the result.

Choose a market and make a bet that will be most profitable for you and wait for the outcome of the match (or several at once).

Types of bets on eSports events

eSports betting is not much different from betting on cricket, soccer, or hockey: the same odds and the same types of bets

The following types of bets characterize almost all eSports games:

  • On the winner of the match.
  • On the winner of the tournament.
  • Betting with a handicap
  • Betting on the total (minutes, kills, and so on).
  • Unique bet (first blood, handicap on cards, and others).

Next, everything is familiar to betting lovers in India – there are two popular ways:

  • Live betting. Those are bets during the match.
  • Line betting. Many bets that the operator offers on a sporting event.

In general, eSports betting is not much different from betting on cricket, soccer, or hockey: the same odds and the same types of bets. It is better to bet on eSports for those disciplines where you have at least a little experience. When analyzing matches, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • The performance of individual players.
  • Tournament motivation.
  • Current form.
  • Disqualifications and lineup changes.

Line betting is profitable with the choice of bets offered. The tangible disadvantage is that you can’t see which heroes a particular team will choose. Even the biggest underdog can outplay the clear favorite because of a good choice of heroes. 

Teams rated by eSports in 2022

eSports rated teams: on what you can place bet in Fairplay Club

This section offers rankings on Dota, since it is the most popular game. Before betting on a particular team, the player should read the orders of the best teams. Especially if you are new to the game. As of mid-2022, the world team rankings are as follows: 

PlaceTeamNumber of points 
#3Tundra Esports1354
#4Team Spirit1298
#5BOOM Esports1297
#7TSM FTX1282
#8Royal Never Give Up1266
#9Team Aster1261
#10Quincy Crew.1224

Also, be sure to check the current Winrate and Streak scores before placing a bet.

Odds on winning eSports teams 2022

Fairplay offers to get acquainted with the odds on winning in ePorts

When you are looking for the best betting shop with the highest odds-on eSports, you will come across different types of bets. Knowing how to read the odds is important, but knowing the different types of bets is also crucial if you want to be successful in eSports betting. 

Odds can be presented in one of two typical formats – either in fractional A/B format or as decimal coefficients. For example, 3/5. This can be interpreted to mean that B has a 67% chance of winning here and A has a 37% chance of winning. 

Another alternative when betting on money is decimal odds. They are easier to understand, especially for betting newbies – they are written as 4.5. This refers to the winnings you get if you place a bet. A bet of 100 Indian rupees on a 4.5 match means that you will get back 450 INR.

Odds analysis is an integral part of winning. For inexperienced bettors, they are extremely useful because, without any knowledge of the game and basic betting skills, they help determine which team is more successful and has a better chance of winning a match. In addition, the higher the odds, the greater the profit. 

Tips for betting on eSports 2022

Betting odds are offered by Fairplay to support weaker teams and make betting on cyber sports more exciting

Every bettor dream of getting rich betting on cyber sports. But it’s foolish to hope for luck if you have no experience. Start getting to know the teams, find their strengths and weaknesses, read player interviews and find out the plans for the upcoming season so you can place the right bets on the matches. 

Betting on the winner of the match is most suitable for bettors who are just taking their first steps in the gambling world. By checking the eSports betting odds, they can see which team the bookmakers think is the best and bet that this team will be the winner of the match. This type of betting does not require a deep understanding of the game.

Bookmakers offer betting odds to support weaker teams and make betting on cyber sports more exciting. Before the start of the match, the bookmaker gives the losers extra points, which are later added to their final score. This way, even if one team is much stronger than the other, betting on underdogs can be more profitable, as with the extra points they have a better chance of winning the match.

The tournament’s winner is a bet in which you have to guess the champion of the whole tournament. This bet is always recommended to bet in advance, as the odds, in this case, are usually higher. Nevertheless, the odds in eSports are also high and allow you to earn a lot of money if your bet is successful. This type of betting requires careful preparation because of the large number of teams participating in the competition. 

Fairplay eSports betting app

In order to allow users to bet on eSports matches like Dota 2, CS Go Betting and other games anywhere and anytime, Fairplay Club has taken care of an official mobile app for Android

Fairplay Club has taken care of an official Android mobile app to allow users to bet on eSports matches like Dota 2, CS Go Betting, and other games anywhere and anytime. Handheld applications are becoming more and more popular, because it offers a number of advantages. Among them:

  • Fast performance. Thanks to optimization, the player gets better performance.
  • Push notifications. Allows you to stay informed about all events of the online bookmaker.
  • Mobility. 24/7 access to sports betting and online casinos.
  • Promotions for app users. From time to time, Fairplay Club holds special promotions for those who use a smartphone/tablet. 
  • Access to payment transactions. The app has a deposit and withdrawal option, which is highly convenient for the most active users.

It only takes you a few minutes to get used to the app and start betting on cyber sports and other sports on Fairplay Club. 

Other sports

In addition to eSports on Fairplay Club quite an extensive range of sports betting

In addition to eSports on Fairplay Club has quite an extensive range of sports betting. Available:

  1. Cricket 
  2. Soccer
  3. Tennis
  4. Basketball
  5. Ice Hockey
  6. Volleyball
  7. Handball
  8. Table Tennis
  9. Baseball
  10. Boxing
  11. Aussie Rules
  1. Rugby
  2. American Football
  3. MMA
  4. Futsal 
  5. Badminton
  6. Snooker
  7. Golf
  8. Cycling
  9. Darts
  10. Field hockey
  11. Bowls
  1. Beach Volley
  2. Lacrosse
  3. Formula 1
  4. Alpine Skiing
  5. Biathlon
  6. Ski Jumping
  7. Pesapallo 
  8. Rally
  9. Speedway
  10. Motorcycle Racing

As for cyber sport, in addition to at Fairplay Club you will meet:

  • Dota 2
  • CS: Go
  • FIFA
  • League of Legends
  • Rocket League
  • NBA 2K
  • eTennis
  • eSoccer
  • eCricket
  • eFighting
  • Can I bet in rupees?

    Yes. Fairplay Club has a pretty extensive list of payment methods and currencies they work with – including Indian rupees.

  • How often do cyber sports bets appear in the lineup?

    Unlike classic sports, eSports are not seasonal. This means that eSports tournaments take place practically year-round.

  • How to bet on eSports?

    The order of betting in Fairplay Club is not different from betting on other sports on money. You need to find the necessary matches in the line, select the type of bet and specify the amount to bet.

  • Is there an online broadcast on Fairplay Club?

    Yes. Registered users can enjoy live streaming of matches along with live scorecards when placing their bets for free.

  • Is it safe to register and bet here?

    Absolutely! All security measures are taken with regard to customer data and transactions. Fairplay never transfers data to third parties. The operator always ensures the privacy of its users and the security of their information.