Fairplay Club Volleyball Betting

Volleyball is not one of the three most popular sports, but it has many fans represented by Fairplay Club users. It attracts with its dynamism and passion on the playing field. Dozens of spectacular tournaments are held in this discipline: League of Nations, World Cup, World Championship, Grand Prix volleyball, Euroleague, and others. In this article, you will learn what to pay attention to when placing a bet and how to estimate the team’s odds to win.

What is Volleyball

Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams compete by playing on a court divided by a net

Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams compete by playing on a court divided by a net. They aim to direct the ball towards the opponent’s half so that it touches the floor. A volleyball player may not touch the ball more than three times during an attack.

The game’s rules were formed throughout the 20th century, resulting from which the system of restrictions acquired a strict character. Depending on the level of competition, matches are played in a simplified form or according to strict rules.

Many variations of volleyball differ from the classic game – beach volleyball, on the snow, park volleyball, sitting on the floor (Paralympic sport). Most betting sites offer spread for only two of them – classic and beach volleyball.

Upcoming events

Forecasters who prefer Volleyball betting on Fairplay can bet in pre-match and live modes

Forecasters who prefer Volleyball betting can bet in pre-match and live modes. Betting site covers matches of all status competitions, including European and World Championships, World Champions Cup, Olympic Games, Euroleague. At the time of review, sports forecasts for the following matches were offered:

LeagueCommandsTime frame
District LeagueLegion – MaximusJuly, 2022
Legion – Sparta
Sparta – Legion
Scout – Maximus
Maximus – Scout
Pro League. SiberiaBaikal (Pro) – Zenit (Pro)July, 2022
Gazovik (Pro) – SKA-Sibir (Pro)
Kuzbass (Pro) – Fakel (Pro)
Baikal (Pro) – Zenit (Pro)
Energetik (Pro) – Gazovik (Pro)
Kuzbass (Pro) – Zenit (Pro)
Fakel (Pro) – Baikal (Pro)
Neftekhimik (Pro) – SKA-Sibir (Pro)
Fakel (Pro) – Energetik (Pro)
Argentina. Liga de HonorCiudad de Buenos Aires – San-Lorenzo de AlmagroJuly, 2022
Defensores de Banfield – River Plate
Universidad de La Matanza – Nautico Hacoaj
UBA – La Matanza
UNTREF Voley – Velez Sarfield
District League. MixedScout – SliderJuly, 2022
Slider – Scout
Legion – Hybrid
Hybrid – Legion
Hybrid – Scout
Scout – Hybrid
Slider – Legion
Orange CupVostok (4×4) – Molniya (4×4)July, 2022
Ural LeagueUral Military – Ural PoliceJuly, 2022
Ural Air Force – Ural Riders
Ural League2Ural Metallurg – AtlantJuly, 2022
Ural Army – Ural Volley
Ural Volley – Ural Metallurg
Club Victory – Ural Legion
Ural Volley – Atlant
Ural League 2. WomenVector (Women) – Iset (Women)July, 2022
Ural Center (Women) – Magnum (Women)
Iset (Women) – Magnum (Women)
Ural Center (Women) – Vector (Women)

How to bet on Volleyball

Betting instructions on future and current events in Fairplay

Betting on future and current events is done in a matter of seconds:


Open the Sportsbook tab;


Choose a sport and a match;


Click on the odds of the selected outcome;


Enter the bet amount and specify the bet type;


Click on the “Place Bet” button.

Types of bets on Volleyball events

Fairplay betting options for bettors who prefer  valleyball

Since volleyball is in demand among bettors from India, the betting site did not limit the line and spread by offering the following betting options:

ExodusBetting on a win for the home team or the visitors. Since a draw in volleyball is impossible, there is no X outcome in the line-up
ForaBetting takes into account the artificial difference in the number of points earned between the teams. That is, it is a deliberate lag or advantage of one of the national teams
Total (TB/TM)Guessing the total number of points scored during one set or the whole match
Even/OddBet on the total in the match in which you need to guess what will be the number of points earned – odd or even
BalanceBetting on reaching the match result with a score of 24:24

For the top events, there are extended spreads with additional prediction options. Experienced bettors prefer statistical bets with guessing the number of shutout innings, time outs.

Volleyball ranked teams in 2022

The position of the national teams of all countries in the world volleyball rankings

Check out the position of the national teams of all countries in the world volleyball rankings. The situation in the table was determined by the sum of points gained from the results of the last competitions.

TeamCountryVictory, %Loss, %The last matchRating
TeamCountryVictory, %Loss, %The last matchRating

Odds on winning Volleyball teams 2022

According to the experts of Fairplay, the favourites of this season are national teams of Poland, Brazil and France

The League of Nations is an annual competition involving 16 national volleyball teams. It replaces the World League and is one of the main stages of preparation for qualification for the vital tournament of the quadrennium. The 2022 group matches have already started, but the final round meetings are yet to come. They will take place from 20 to 24 July in Bologna at the Unipol Arena.

According to the experts of Fairplay, the favorites of this season are the national teams of Poland, Brazil, and France. Here are the odds given by the bookmaker on its official website:


Tips on betting on Volleyball 2022

Fairplay tips for pleasure betting on volleyball

In order to make a correct prediction and bet, you need to make a thorough home betting analysis, taking into account the following points:

Productivity of playersAlmost every team has a volleyball player who can score up to 15-20 points during a match. It is such players who determine the outcome of the whole game. Before making a bet, consider whether the top athletes will participate in the event or not
StatisticianCheck the teams’ results and the best players’ performances. This will help you determine their fitness and chances of winning
Competition scheduleThe tighter the schedule of matches, the less chance you have to regain your full strength. This may cause poor play of leading players or their replacement by reserves
MotivationIf the result of the match does not affect the overall team rating, the probability of reaching the final of a prestigious tournament is likely that the players will not give 100%.

Fairplay betting app for Volleyball

For those who are used to betting from their phones, a Fairplay mobile app is provided

A mobile app is provided for those who are used to betting from their phones. It has all the features for comfortable betting:

  • 1-click betting;
  • Selected tournaments and matches;
  • Pre-match betting;
  • Betting as the game progresses;
  • Video broadcasts.

The application is compatible with portable devices on the Android platform. It has filters for sporting events by start time and keyword search.

You can download the application accessible on the website of the betting company. It occupies less than 37 MB of internal memory and is suitable for low-powered phones with RAM from 2 GB.

Other sports

Fairplay is focused on the residents of Asian and European countries, so it offers an extensive selection of sports disciplines

Fairplay is focused on the residents of Asian and European countries, so it offers an extensive selection of sports disciplines. Bettors can bet on three dozen sports. In addition, it is possible to bet on show business, political events and cultural events.

There is a detailed line up on cyber sports: Dota 2, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, LOL, Rocket League. There are interesting offers for e-football.

  • What volleyball tournaments can I bet on?

    Fairplay volleyball lineup includes all status tournaments: FIVB World League, World Champions Cup, Euroleague, World Championship, World Cup, League of Nations, Volleyball Grand Prix, as well as national championships of France, Germany, Argentina, USA and other countries.

  • Are outrights accepted?

    Yes, you are asked to guess the winner of the World Cup, the Nations League and other prestigious competitions.

  • How are the volleyball betting odds calculated?

    Statistical data is taken into account when forming the quotes. Fairplay compares the probability of outcomes based on the results of previous games.

  • Is there a bonus for betting on volleyball?

    New depositors can get a welcome bonus of up to 5,000 Indian rupees. This money is for betting on any sport, including volleyball.